School of Illustration & 2D-3D Animation

Rennes, Toulouse, Marseille, Bordeaux, Nancy, Paris et Lyon

Illustration, BD, Animation & video games

You are in highschool or already a student and know how to draw? You already have background knowledge on illustration? What if it were your turn to tell stories? Animated, printed, digital or hand-written, 2D or 3D, the ways of telling stories are infinite. 

Illustration and animation courses

Illustration-Comics and Animated film-Video game: two programs within the large family of creative training programs whose objective is to give life to an imaginary world, a story, a scenario, destined to carry us away for the duration of a book, a game, a film or a graphic novel. The courses offered by École de Condé are there to prepare you for these passionate professions.

Available in Rennes, Bordeaux, Lyon, Marseille, Nancy, Nice, Paris et Toulouse


Studying illustration and animation

Whether it be in Bachelor or in Master, studying Illustration, Comics and 2D-3D Animated film at École de Condé is acquiring technical and creative skills, but also a general culture destined to better understand the everchanging world. The complementary nature of these courses makes it possible to respond with agility to the demands of the professional world.







Train throughout France

Find the training offer offered by the campuses of the Ecole de Condé. Registered at RNCP at level 6 or level 7 (equivalent to bac + 3 and bac + 5), all our training courses are constantly evolving to meet the needs of professionals today and tomorrow.

Our graduates

For more than 30 years, graduates recognized by professionals have come out of École de Condé to bring their creativity and expertise. Trained in both theory and practice, they have demonstrated their versatility on the job market.

Illustration and animation study

Illustration-Comics, Animated film-Video game: All of our Bachelors and Master’s degree courses at École de Condé are distributed across our 8 campuses: Bordeaux, Lyon, Marseille, Nancy, Paris, Rennes and Toulouse. All these schools have the equipment needed to meet the requirement of the training throughout the different courses.


Illustration & Animation

Illustration, Comics, Animated film and Video game, behind each of these programs offered at École de Condé hides a wide variety of careers. You will find here some examples of career paths that you can follow at the end of the Bachelor and Master taught Bordeaux, Lyon, Marseille, Nancy, Nice, Paris, Rennes and Toulouse.

Students' project

Whether in our Bachelor’s or Master’s programs, the works of students at École de Condé in Illustration, Comics, Animation and Game is more than just an achievement. The uniqueness of their work and the professional commitment they demonstrate bode well for the careers they will pursue after graduation.

Illustration – Animation

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