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A school for creative students

7 Campus in France, 2 in Italy : L’école de Condé is the best and the biggest creative place to think a new design for tomorrow.

Graphic design, Interior, Fashion, photo, product, illustration, comics, animation, cultural heritage. We have a large porposal for all students who dream about a creative carreer.

So why choose us ? Well, as private school recognize by French government with a 30 years old experience, with teaching by professionnals, we propose attractive programmes in all fields of design.

« Design »


Studying design means entering an exciting world that combines aesthetic experimentation and the search for new uses and new ways of creating meaning. Students in the Design department at École de Condé are split across four Bachelor’s sections (Graphic Design, Interior Design, Product Design and Fashion Design). There are several Master’s courses as well. This course begins with a preparatory year in Design, which provides students with all the necessary tools they need for creative development.

« Illustration-Animation »

Illustration - Animation

Whether animated, printed, digital or traditional, in 2D or 3D, the ways of telling stories are endless. The Illustration and Animation Department at École de Condé brings together the sections in Illustration-Comics, Animation-Motion Design and Video Game Animation. This department has a philosophy for its students that is essential to the creative ecosystem of school creating singular universes, building narratives, creating characters and making them evolve, designing video games and combining technical semantic and creative mastery.

« Photo »


The photographic image is at the heart of the creative process. Photographing calls to learn and to see. Understanding that composition is a vehicle of meaning, and a way of grasping and anticipating the effects of light. Writing in its own right, photography makes it possible to take a closer look; it makes it possible to account for what one has seen, and to communicate. Put into motion by different processes, stop motion, mapping or video, it tells a story and unfolds a universe.

« Heritage restoration »

Heritage Restoration

Training young professionals with a mission to preserve, conserve and bring awareness to heritage is the Cultural Heritage centre. These undergraduate and graduate courses are open to all art lovers who are curious about their creative context, their history of preservation and the value it brings. At the crossroads of artistic, scientific, managerial and technical skills, this course of the Heritage centre benefits from the expertise of the best professionals in this sector.

« Ecole_Condé_1 copie »

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”

Pablo Picasso

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