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Discovery courses

Les différents stages constituent une porte d’entrée pour mieux comprendre les formations proposées à l’école.

What is a Discovery course?

During this course, highschoolers discover the workshop style teaching, the pedagogy by project, quite different from the one taught in school. It is the occasion to discover new subjects and to enter in an unknown field.

Immersed in the school, this experience allows students to get familiar with the equipment and to get to know the campuses and its people.

The different discovery courses are an entry door to better understand the course of the school.

How to subscribe?

  • Chose your discovery course in the list below
  • Click on the campus of your choice
  • Once redirected on the discovery course page, add it to your cart by clicking the “+”
  • You will see in your cart the cosen course and the due amount. All left to do is to “check out”

NB: Please note that the discovery courses will be given in French.

Our courses’ programs:


28H of weekly courses in design and/or applied arts workshop: drawing, artistic techniques, initiation to design fields, trials, etc.

28H of weekly courses in illustration and animation workshop : drawing, artistic techniques, initiation to animation, illustration, character design, etc.

24H of weekly courses in photography workshop : Studio shooting, outdoor shooting, silver and digital laboratory, post production, etc.


28H of weekly courses in heritage preservation workshop : Painting, paper, ceramics (only in Paris), case study, manufacture and application of colours at “Tempera”, etc.

Student project

Student project


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