L’école de Condé

The Ecole de Condé is the school of reference for the higher education in design, illustration, photography, animation movie and heritage restoration. Its degrees are enlisted at the French Repertory of Professional Certification (RNCP) Levels 1 and 2.

Our project

Train high-level designers and image experts, able to anticipate the underground societal mutations, to engage in the world transformation, in the digital age, and major ecological issues. Creation, design are powerful levers to invent an utterly new world.


Our values

Each campus is a living space practicing collective intelligence and fosters initiative mindset. Studants can enrich his experience and share it. Respect and engagement of each are vital, as trust and passion are the key to do good things in a good manner.


Our teaching method

True educational laboratory, the school practices an inventive, open-minded, caring and demanding education, while constantly pushing oneself up. Our education style wants to be the joining point between academical and creative excellence, and adaptation to real life cases.


Our programs

Our School is many. Our programs cover the four fields of design (graphism, interior design, product, fashion), in different fields such as UX/UI digital creation, photography, illustration, comic books, animation movies ad heritage restoration.

Collaborations between students of the different majors are organized and encouraged, allowing every person to feel the complementarity and richness of interactions.


Diverse paths

This diversity of program allows each student to discover and build his own future step by step. Through multiple interactions between students of the different majors, the student will anticipate future collaborations. That’s how the first professional network will get in shape, easing his professional integration.


The companies

Education is closely related with companies, trough partnerships, internships and recruting sessions organizations.


Our network, national and international mobility

The seven campuses network in France  (Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux, Nice, Nancy, Marseille et Toulouse), two campuses Italy (Turin, Bologne) and two campuses in Spain (Barcelona, Madrid) encourages mobility, spread through the territory and open to international,  (Erasmus program, internships and international workshops…)

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