Study Art and French Language

The Study Art and French Language programme is aimed at international students who wish to follow a foreign language FLE ( Français Langues Etrangères) programme combined with introductory workshops in culture, art and design, before enrolling on a course taught in French at a school in the AD Education France network (Bachelor's or Master's degree).

Welcome to the French language experience

Programme title :  Study Art and French Language – French, art and design programme

Level : Preparatory year – French, art and design

Terms and conditions of use : Hybrid: 85% face-to-face, 15% online via Global Exam

Duration : 1 year (28 weeks); 1 semester (20 weeks)

Period : 1 year: mid-October to end of June
1 semester: beginning of February to end of June

EQF : 4

Hourly volume :
1 year: 700 hours, including 100 hours of specialisation and cultural activities
1 semester : 358 hours, including 100 hours of specialisation and cultural activities

School : École de Condé Paris

Campus : Paris – Rue Croix Nivert

The teachers were not only competent but also incredibly friendly and patient. The specialised courses were varied and engaging, creating lasting memories. It was a complete and fun educational experience that I will always cherish.


Promotion Study Art and French Language 2022-2023 - École de Condé Paris

Why learn French in Paris?

– An immersive experience in French culture before starting desired study programme.
– The opportunity to meet other students while taking part in cultural and artistic activities at prices affordable to all students.
– It’s a great opportunity to travel everywhere! Paris’s geographical location and connections with all the major cities of France and Europe (thanks to an efficient rail network (TGV) and two airports) means you can discover new places!


If the student’s level of French requires upgrading (B2), admission is via the Study Art and French Language – French, Art & Design.
For direct enrolment in an EAC programme, students must provide proof of a B2 level or equivalent.

In one year, students will develop new skills and fulfil the pre-requisites needed to enter the school of their choice. They will reach a B2 level of French.

The programme offers part of the FLE course online via Global Exam, enabling students to start the distance learning course as soon as their enrolment is confirmed and before they arrive in France.

The courses* consist of:

– 540 hours of French as a foreign language

– 60 hours of lectures on arts and culture

– 100 hours of practical workshops in art, design and cultural activities

*The number of hours is approximate

At the end of this training year, students will be able to enter the programme for which their application was validated at the beginning of the year for one of the higher cycles in a school in the AD Education network.

Preliminary admission to the Study Art and French Language programme validates the student’s admission to a programme offered by École de Condé subject to presentation of the following elements:
– Obtaining the TCF B2 by 30 June (or by 31 July at the latest).

Certificate of completion and assessment of the specialisation module from the school concerned.
– A certificate of participation in the Study Art and French Language programme.


Objectives of the Study Art and French Language Programme – French, Art & Design :

– Improve written and oral comprehension of the French language.
– Preparing for the TCF B2.
– Discover French and Western artistic culture.
– Find out what’s going on in the world of arts and culture.
– Learn the fundamentals of art, design and culture.

Learning objectives:

On completion of this course, students will be able to:
– Understand the gist of a complex text in French language
– Take part in a conversation on a general or professional topic in French
– Argue your opinions
– Be familiar with the vocabulary of the art and design sector

Course description
French language and culture (540 hours)
– Weekly classes based on the four fundamental skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking, and interacting.
– Weekly workshops focusing on oral communication skills (cultural news, everyday communication)
– Specialised vocabulary workshops (in preparation for basic specialised courses)

Artistic culture (60 hours)
– Visits to art and culture venues, guided by experts and artists (fashion, art, graphic design, illustration, music, etc.)
– Self-designed projects (industrial heritage, unusual shops and cafés, recycling centres, etc.)
– Artists’ open days in Paris (meetings and studio visits)

Specialisation (100h)
– Courses on the fundamentals of art / introductory workshops
– A series of conference visits with experts from the art, culture and design sectors (art, design, architecture, fashion, music, etc.).
– Workshops and masterclasses in AD Group schools
Education – Open days at AD Education Group schools

I have excellent memories of this year, the classes were very enriching and well structured to improve our written and oral comprehension. Not only did we improve our level of French, but we also discovered the culture by exploring galleries and museums.

Tong Ruoqi

Promotion Study Art and French Language 2020-21 - École de Condé Paris

How to apply?

The International Office is here to guide applicants through the admissions process.

Initial admission procedure
Full year: September-June
February/2nd intake start : February-June

More about our international admissions procedure.


Don’t miss out on the chance to discover a world of opportunities.
Apply now and embark on a life-changing journey in the City of Light!


Rates and terms of payment :
Tuition fees September – June: €8500
2nd start date February – June: €5500
Application fee: €450
Grants and Scholarships are not available for international students.

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