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Graphic Designer

Posters, advertisements, flyers, magazines, websites, logos and packaging: graphics surround us and colour our lives at every turn. Yet, only communication professionals will notice the level of technical expertise on a department store poster, the originality of a website, or the enthusiasm of a company's logo. The artwork of a Graphic Designer responds to a customer's request.


Working with form and colour, Graphic Designers visually convey the messages that clients intend to transmit. A a specialist of all things image, graphic designers can intervene at any of the different stages of a project: creation, execution and printing. They are employed in advertising agencies, publishing houses, newspapers, magazines and graphic design studios. They may also be independent workers (freelance). Graphic Designers have a mastery of desktop publishing software, such as Design, Illustrator and Photoshop. They are creative and curious, and have a keen sense of communication.

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