Admissions to the preparatory year of École de Condé, Bachelor’s or Master's, are conducted by interview. This process begins in October, with a limited number of places. For entry into the first year, pre-registration via internet (Parcoursup) is reserved for public schools. We propose an alternative admission method, which includes the interview time.

Admission the Preparatory Year – Bachelor’s Year 1

Each admission interview lasts one hour. In order to make a good decision, which commits you in an important part of your life, we take the time to understand your personal, artistic and academic background, so that we can have a clearer picture of you on the whole. What matters is your project and its compatibility with ours. Studies in Design, Photography, Illustration, Animation and Heritage Restoration are absolutely fascinating, but they require energy, commitment and open-mindedness.


Admission whilst enrolled in a Bachelor’s course

This is possible if you have already started an equivalent course at another school. You must come to the appointment with the requested items. You will present your portfolio during the interview and we will study it. We take very few students already enrolled in a Bachelor’s , so we do advise you apply as soon as possible so that you have a chance of joining the School.  Certain baccalaureate diplomas, in particular the STD2A (Science and Technology of Design and Applied Arts) can be used to directly enter the second year, depending on your level.


Master’s Admission

You must have completed a course equivalent to our Bachelor’s , that is, justification of 3 years in the field (Design, Illustration, Animation, Photography, Heritage Restoration). You must then make an appointment and come with the requested items, including your portfolio.

There is no deadline for entries, but class size is limited to ensure high-quality instruction. Therefore, we do advise you to register as soon as possible.

In order to get an interview, you must make an appointment by phone or click on the “Request an interview” button. You will receive a list of items to bring to your interview. Candidates who cannot travel may also apply by post.

You will receive a response in the days following your interview. This response is valid for all of our establishments, depending on the places still available.

Finally, the tuition deposit that is paid at the time of registration will be fully refunded in the case of a subsequent admission to: an institution offering the DNMADE (French national diploma in the profession of Arts and Design), a preparatory workshop or a School of Architecture in a public or private institution under contract with the State.


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