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Work placement

Employability in design and arts & crafts

Work placement of our students is measured each year through an employment survey. After the Masters, the placement rate is close to 100%.

These excellent statistics are due to École de Condé focus on promoting employability :

  • Regular meetings with a strategic council that includes well-known professionals from the design industry.
  • Regular checks to ensure that educational content is appropriately adapted to business needs.
  • Organisation of company partnerships and participation in student contests.
  • Extension of internships opportunities, with a compulsory minimum of one internship abroad.
  • Organisation of careers fairs within the various École de Condé campuses.
  • Organisation of personalised pathways towards entrepreneurship for interested students.

Graphic Arts & Design +



École de Condé benefits from excellent employability statistics relating to the various Bachelor programs (design, illustration and animation, photography). However, more than 80% of our students decide to pursue their studies through a master degree, at École de Condé or in another school.

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After the Masters: placement rate close to 100%, steadily increasing salaries

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Cultural Heritage +

As opposed to other institutions, the Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage department at École de Condé takes a proactive approach in order to provide the best career opportunities to its students.



Boosting career opportunities :

  • Long internships, with compulsory overseas experience.
  • Management courses that enable students to become quickly operational in their field of activity
  • Active alumni network
  • Numerous professional and institutional partners in France and abroad.


Career options

Generally, students begin heir professional career as a restoration studio’s collaborator, however, some students choose to start out on their own straight away after graduation and are successful doing so. Certain degrees, particular those with a “paper” major, may also lead to public service careers (archives, libraries…).


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