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Validation of acquired experience

Validation of acquired experience

This right is open to anyone – salaried or self-employed – and is included in the French Labour Code and the Education Code.

The Social Modernisation Law of 2002-73, dated 17 January 2002 in the Labour Code – Part Six ‘Lifelong vocational training’, Book IV – Articles L6411, 1 to 10. The Validation of Acquired Experience allows your skills to be recognised all throughout your professional career.


Why implement a VAE?

For employees: it allows them to have their experience recognised his experience by obtaining a degree, and to facilitate internal or external mobility, as well as career progression.

For companies: it allows them to motivate and value their employees, to support internal mobility and promotions, to facilitate employees when returning to work after a voluntary departure, and to create a redundancy plan.

Who does it concern?
The VAE approach can be undertaken by any candidate who can demonstrate a professional experience for at least one year, continuous or not, in relation to the RNCP qualification of Designer Project Manager (Level I), Conservator-Restorer (Level II) and Designer of Projects in Design and Graphic Arts (Level II).



  • Request for information/send the admissibility file (Booklet 1 – ‘cerfa’ for admissibility request)
  • Analysis of the admissibility for the VAE application
  • In the case of admissibility, send the VAE file (Booklet 2)
  • VAE registration
  • Creation of the VAE file -Booklet 2- tracing the candidate path (candidates have access to help in creating a VAE file)
  • Application submission
  • Passage before validation panel
  • Deliberation and decision of the validation panel


You can download the Booklet 1 below to assess the admissibility of your VAE application, depending on your level.


VAE at École de Condé

The Écoles de Condé offer Validation of Acquired Experience – VAE – for the design and applied arts professions: graphic design, digital design, interior design, product design, fashion design, illustration and animation, global design and interior design.


These qualifications can be prepared at École de Condé by means of a VAE.

  • The qualification of ‘Designer Project Manager’ is certified by the French National Committee of Professional Certification – Level 1 (FR) and Level 7 (EU).
  • Qualification of ‘Heritage Restorer’ certified by the French National Committee of Professional Certification – Level II (FR) and Level 6 (EU)
  • Qualification of ‘Project Designer in Design and Graphic Arts’ certified by the French National Committee of Professional Certification – Level II (FR) and Level 6 (EU)



The support process for VAE is not compulsory. The Écoles de Condé offer individual support by a coach from the world of design – most often an instructor at the School. This allows candidates to benefit from methodological support and helps them prepare for their passage before a jury.



VAE is part of continuing vocational training and, as such, can be partially or fully funded by:

  • Your company and/or its accredited fund-collecting agency (OPCA)
  • Your personal training account (CPF)
  • Individual training leave (CIF)
  • Personal financing



École de Condé tuition fees

  • VAE without support: €920 / €1104 including tax and VAT
  • VAE with support: €920 / €1104 including tax and VAT + individualised estimate




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