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Academic recognition

Ecole de Condé benefits from an extensive national and international accreditation process ensuring a high level of education and academic coordination.

National accreditation +

List of State diplomas (Bachelor level):


  • BTS Graphic design - Print media option
  • BTS Graphic design – Digital media option
  • BTS Spatial design
  • BTS Fashion design
  • BTS Product design


Entry into the National Directory for Professional Certification (CNCP) :


  • Masters in Global design – research & innovation : Project Manager/Designer Level I (level 7 on the common European framework)
  • Masters in Conservation-restoration of cultural heritage : Conservator-restorer of pieces of cultural heritage Level II (level 6 on the common European framework)


Other programs are under process for registration or soon will be, as all our programs already correspond to the CNCP selection criteria.  


International accreditation +

International accreditations allows the mobility of students and the recognition of our diplomas abroad.


Ensure the mobility of students within Europe as part of exchange programs but also through sponsored internships.

Registration code: 261802 – IC – 1 – 2012 – 1 – FR – ERASMUS – EUCP – 1

School code: F PARIS 387



EABHES is a private, independent European accreditation organization that certifies the accuracy of the ECTS credits allocated to courses and modules in order to get European Bachelor and European Master equivalence.


Accreditation number: FR-01EA010

For more information:



French State agency promoting French higher education abroad and facilitating administrative procedure for our foreign students, especially the visa process.

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