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Erasmus charter

International exchanges and internships

In 2013, Ecole de Conde renew its commitment to the ERASMUS charter for the period 2014-2020.

ERASMUS program gives our student access to grants and scholarships when studying or doing their internships in Europe.





For further information on international exchanges, please contact :

International affairs service

+33 1 53 86 00 22


… and consult the tool box below

ERASMUS tool box


Charte ERASMUS École de Condé période 2014 2020

Annexe ERASMUS+ aux accords inter-institutionnels (Anglais)

Students from Ecole de Condé willing to benefit from ERASMUS charter for an international exchange of internship

Ask for an ERASMUS scholarship

For more information on the list of convention destinations and conditions for access, please contact our Head of international affairs

Head of international affairs

01 53 86 00 22

The total amount of ERASMUS scholarships available for Ecole de Conde’s students in 2014-2015, is in excess of 28.365 euros (exchanges and internships).

Students willing to join Ecole de Conde for an exchange program

Demande de mobilité entrante (Anglais)