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EABHES accreditation

A passport for international mobility

Ecole de Conde is accredited by EABHES (European Accreditation Board for Higher Education Schools) since 1999.

EABHES is a private independant European organisation that certifies the accuracy of the ECTS credits allocated to courses and modules. It conducts audits and advises Ecole de Conde in the development and implementation of its programs according to standards set by the Bologna Process.


As part of this accreditation, each Ecole de Conde’s students receives :

  1. course catalog which gives clarity on the content of courses, divided in credits in respect of international standards
  2. Each year, a credit transcript summarize the ECTS credits allocated as well as international equivalence such as US grades and Grade point average

Example of credit transcript

  1. At the end of the studies, an attestation of equivalence of European Bachelor or European Master

Example of attestation of equivalence


Even if each school remains free to draw up its own admission policy, EABHES’ accreditation increases significantly the possibility of study abroad by giving to your French diploma an international visibility.