Bachelor Fashion accessories

This bachelor offers a contemporary vision of the fashion accessory

This program covers three major domains of the fashion accessory : the clothes industry, the leather goods industry and the contemporary jewels. The focus is purposedly very contemporary, askeing its usage and its societal challenges. Along this Bachelor, students will acquire sharp technical knowledge, a precise materials sourcing, as well as requirements on the end product. The gesture is key in the process, and integrates the use of new tools (modelisation and 3D printing) as to put the fashion accessory at the heart of the contemporary creation. The fashion accessory extends the experience of the cloth, as it induces an action, a specific usage. It questions the relation to others, the identities, notably the gender-related questions. It embraces the current societal and environmental issues. In the actual reassessment movement of the fashion industry, the accessory starts a vertuous positionning, through its crafted making process which gives a sustainable and durable object. By upcylcing, it distracts the matter's value by highjacking its first use and using the industry's scraps or ennobling modest simple materials. Using vegetal-based leather, silicons, soft materials participate to this positioning. Students will achieve 24 weeks of internship spread across the three Bachelor years, allowing to multiply the experiences and create an unique career. By the end of the Bachelor, the student will have the following options : the professional insertion as independent craftsman or as member of a prestigious luxury Maison. It is also possible to go further and join some Design Master degrees at the école de condé. The relationships between Design and contemporary craft are fertile and open to unique and singular career paths.

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Bachelor Fashion accessories

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