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The Master in Illustration – Comics aims to train students so that they may aspire to a career in one of the various fields of illustration (illustration of books and stories, comic books, press illustration, digital imagery, websites…).

This postgraduate degree follows the Bachelor in Illustration. It helps students strenghten their theoretical, methodological and
technical knowledge.
Artistic knowledge, personal approach, quality of representation techniques, as well as development of imagination and a rich sensitivity are the main focus of this diploma. Practical workshops with recognized figures help students complete their professional projects.


Master in illustration & comics ECTS CREDITS
Project practice 44
Interior design project
Design graphic and editorial project
Plastic arts workshops
Skills & knowledge 26
Artistic culture
Drawing live model sketching & anatomy
Digital tools
Professional english
Professional practice 24
Individual assessment
Oral communication (theatre, coaching)
Project management
Sector watch
Exterior projects
End of study’s project 26
Tutoring and end of study’s project defense

Educational content is subject to changes as a result of school organizational requirements, and, or, implementation of State guidelines. 


Admission to the Master in Illustration and Comics is based on a personal interview, in which students demonstrate their motivation, as well as on the presentation of a portfolio.

Proof that the student has acquired 180 ECTS credits in a field related to graphic arts and/or illustration will need to be given before final admission.
International students may apply directly on our site’s dedicated page. We will be happy to assist them during this process.



The Master in Illustration & Comics is registred at the level II under the French National Directory of Professional Certification (RNCP) and is also certified as an official European Master’s degree by the European Accreditation Board of Higher Education Schools.

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