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Master in global design – research & innovation

Registered level I at RNCP (French State body)

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Design project management requires skills that enable to manage creative and artistic projects, but that also allow to incorporate lines of analysis related to all design fields as well as other areas such as humanities, marketing and management, technology and engineering, etc.

The Master in Global Design – Research & Innovation gives students the possibility to explore the
boundaries of design to become designers able to meet the needs of some of the most dynamic industries: capital goods sector, advertising and communication, urban planning and architecture, services and distribution, luxury goods…


The Master’s in Global Design – Research & Innovation is 4 semesters long, with 36 weeks of internship, of which 12 must be done abroad.

Master in global design – research & innovation ECTS CREDITS
Project practice 44
global design, research and innovation project
Workshops specialized in design
Plastic arts workshops
Skills & knowledge 26
Marketing and strategy
Human sciences
Design projects semiology
Digital tools
Modes and communication interfaces
Professional english
Professional practice 24
Personal projects and creative identity
Oral communication (theatre, coaching)
Project management
Market intelligence and professional integration path
Internship (20 weeks)
International internship (12 weeks)
Internship pre-employment (optional)
End of study’s project 26
Tutoring and end of study’s project defense

Educational content is subject to changes as a result of school organizational requirements, and, or, implementation of State guidelines.


Admission is based on a personal interview, in which students demonstrate their motivation, as well as on the presentation of a
Only students who have obtained 180 ECTS credits in a field predominantly related to design or architecture may be admitted.
International students may apply directly through the dedicated page of our website. We will be happy to assist them during this process.


As per the 20 January 2014 Ministerial Decree, the Master in Global Design – Research & Innovation is registered as level 1 under the French National Directory of Professional Certification (RNCP).


Students are eligible for ERASMUS and other bilateral exchange programs.


This program has also been certified as an official European Master’s degree by the European Accreditation Board of Higher Education Schools.


Where to find this program ?

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  • Paris
  • Lyon
  • Bordeaux
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