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Master in 3D film animation & Game

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This course allows students to deepen the skills acquired in Bachelor 2D / 3D animation cinema or Game art / Game design by developing 3D animation techniques and project management in animation or video games.

This programme aims at strengthening the skills acquired during a bachelor in film animation 2D/3D or game art / game design, while developing the technical expertise and the management of complex projects in film animation or game production.
Whether it is concept art, 3D layout, rigging, lighting, rendering, texturing, modeling or VFX, mastering all the technical skills used in a film or a game production is key to manage a full project at the end of the master programme.
The first year is therefore dedicated to the development of technical skills, while the second year focuses on the realisation of a movie or agame. In between, students must complete a five-months internship in France or abroad.
The master in 3D film animation and game is registered at the Level I under the French National Directory of Professional Certification (RNCP). Students are also eligible for ERASMUS exchanges as well as other bilateral exchange programmes.


MASTER in 3D film animation & Game Credits ECTS
Project 44
Specialty project
Experimental practices
Knowledge 12
Methodology and Strategy
Visual arts
Skills 12
Drawing and live drawing
Graphic design & Edition
Motion design and Digital tools
Individual assessment 8
Personnel assessment
Project management
Professional practice
Visual communication tools
Sector watch
Final project 24


Admission is based on a personal interview, in which students demonstrate their motivation, as well as on the presentation of a portfolio. Only those students who can demonstrate that they have at least three years (or 180 ECTS credits) of higher education in film animation or game design may be admitted.