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These two State diploma courses prepare students to the design of visual messages in the field of graphic design, publishing and advertising.

These diplomas are aimed at students wishing to become graphic designers, web designers, art directors, junior creative directors, project managers in advertising or illustrators.

The two options are closely linked and only differ in the interdisciplinary modules, which apply primarily to one of two areas : printed or digital media.

Success rate : 93 %


These two training courses are based on the French Ministry of Higher Education’s curriculum.

Bachelor in graphic design WEEKLY CONTACT HOURS ECTS CREDITS
TOTAL 32h/34h 120+8
Core modules 4h/8h 12+3
General knowledge
Second language (optional) : Spanish, Italian
Structuring modules 8h 22
Communication culture
Graphic culture
Typographic culture
Operation management
Conception – creation 20h 60
Graphic design workshop
Plastic expression
Digital tools
Production technology
Professional and identity practice - 26+5
Self-training methodology
Real-life cases : end of study tests

Educational content is subject to changes as a result of school organizational requirements, and, or, implementation of State guidelines. In Marseille and Toulouse, the program differs significantly, please contact the school directly.


Admission is based on a personal interview, in which students demonstrate their motivation, as well as on the presentation of a portfolio. Foundation year or equivalent level corresponding to 60 ECTS credits is required.

International students may apply directly through our site’s dedicated page. We will be happy to assist them during this process.


Success rates at State examinations reflect the quality of the education offered by École de Condé. The average success rate of 92% over the last three years is among the highest in France.

At the end of the undergraduate cycle, our student receive a Bachelor degree in Graphic design.

In Marseille and Toulouse, the school doesn’t prepare to the BTS exam but to a RNCP certified diploma.


More than 85% of our students continue with their studies, most of them in the following training programs:

or in DSAA, fine arts schools, ENSAD or abroad.

Where to find this program ?

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  • Paris
  • Lyon
  • Bordeaux
  • Nancy
  • Nice
  • Marseille
  • Toulouse
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