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Bachelor 2D animation – Paris

l’eclozr, 1 Rue du Général Maurice Guillaudot, Rennes, France

Aussi disponible à Paris

Bachelor 2D animation

This program aims to train 2D animation specialists able to design a narrative and give life to a character. The 2D animation artist is both excellent drawer and an expert in animation techniques. This Bachelor lays the foundation of a cursus with the goal of becoming 2D animation artist. Injecting life by movement to characters one draws is always a captivating step. Before achieving correct animation, one must know the rules of this art and unlock the technical constraints. After acquiring the artistic foundation during the first year of the Bachelor (Foundation year), students learn all that is linked to narrative, scenario, story board, creation of a universe, character design, plus technical skills such as 2D animation. At the end of this Bachelor, the students will be able to develop a short movie, in teams. The 2D Animation Movie Bachelor is certified as Level II in the French National Committee of Professional Certification (RNCP), as « Developer in design project and graphic arts, animation option ».  Le Bachelor Cinéma d’animation 2D est inscrit au niveau II au Répertoire national de la certification professionnelle (RNCP) selon arrêté ministériel du 17 mai 2018, publié au Journal Officiel du 24 mai 2018 (titre de « Concepteur de projet en design et arts graphiques option animation »).


Bachelor in 2D animation

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Campus de Rennes

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