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The Italian campus of Ecole de Conde

IAAD Torino flèche décorative
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5 Via Pisa, 10152 Torino Italy

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+39 011 548 868

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Fermata 763 - PARMA

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Since July 2012, Ecole de Condé and IAAD Torino have partnered to found the first European campus dedicated to design studies.

This project is unique in Europe and aims at creating a European educational network for design institutions. Students will be able to create original customized programs, benefiting from the advantages provided by each institution. They will access the specializations that made IAAD famous, including transport and mobility design, as well as industrial design. Workshops are also regularly held in Torino for French students as part of their curriculum.

IAAD is a private higher education institution recognized by the Italian Ministry of Higher Education.

Contacts at IAAD +


Laura Milani

+39 011 54 88 68

Head of admission

Rubén Baños

+39 011 54 88 68

Academic coordinator

Raffaella Romano

+39 011 54 88 68