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Ecole de Conde Nancy

The art and design school in the East of France

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64, rue Marquette 54000 Nancy

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03 83 98 29 44

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Ecole de Condé's campus in Nancy was developed in partnership with the city. This allows Ecole de Condé to be hosted in a 3000 sq. m (32,000 sq. ft.) historical building surrounded by a park overlooking the city. This magnificent setting provides a unique environment for art and creation. The school is now the leading art and design institution in the North-East of France, with students coming from all over the country and abroad.

Ecole de Condé Nancy is the only school providing interdisciplinary education in design and photography up to the Master’s degree.

Well established within the local cultural and institutional framework, Ecole de Condé Nancy benefits from close ties with the other campuses of the Condé network in order to provide a complete range of design and creation programs.

Studying in Nancy +

As a UNESCO World Heritage, Nancy is a city of great artistic tradition. Forged by major art movements, it is famous for important Art Nouveau and Art Deco events. Nancy is also the birthplace of architect and designer Jean Prouvé, a star of twentieth century French style.

With students amounting to 20% of its population, Nancy is a very lively city. Students are enrolled in many universities, French Ivy League and specialty schools. Nancy offers an ideal study environment with many points of interest, several major museums (Museum of Fine Arts, the School of Nancy Museum, Musée Lorrain, etc.) and ample and accessible student housing

Campus features +


Design labs
Fine arts studios
Theoretical classrooms
Photo studios
Photo lab
IT lab
Modeling lab
Exhibition centre : « La Chapelle »
Serigraphy lab

Contacts +


Laurent Laveu

03 83 98 29 44

Academic director

Lor Lanier

03 83 98 29 44

Head of company services

Maïté Bayon

03 83 98 29 44