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Prepare your admission

What you need to know to prepare your admission

The admission interview of Ecole de Conde aims at verifying that your personal project matches the curricula offered by our schools. There is no need to prepare itself in a specific way.

However, it is helpfull to ask yourself a few questions such as : Why this curricula in particular ? Why Ecole de Conde ? What is my professional project ? What critical eye can I have on my educational pathway ? etc. Knowledge of cultural references in relation with the envisaged training program is also a valuable asset.

To get answers to theses questions, please visit the following page on our website : choose your training program (design, graphic arts, photography, arts and crafts).

What should be my artistic level ? +

Even if an artistic portfolio is a valuable asset during your interview, it is not mandatory. Many students integrate Ecole de Conde without any prior artistic practice and improve rapidly to a satisfactory level at the end of first year.